The “Russia Speaks!” Radio Network is available right here!


The new Russia Speaks! Radio Station will be available right here each time it is live.

Russia Speaks! is a project of the Mark in Russia podcast network and is an English language Russian talk radio format station. Check it out and check it often. Watch us grow!

If you are able to speak English well and are passionate about something, contact us at the Russia Speaks! radio network and perhaps you’ll host your own program.

If you do not hear the radio station, then refresh the page. The player should start automatically, if it doesn’t, then refresh the page. If you experience any problems with the player, first try to pause for a minute and then press play again. If the radio station is not broadcasting, then the player will not work.

You can go to the Russia Speaks! Radio Network website and listen live or listen to any of our programs in the archives.

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